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Spectrum Management Monitoring

The telecommunication sector is developing at a staggering rate in many parts of the globe, with convergence between broadcasting and telecommunications sectors, telecommunications and the IT industry and between fixed network and mobile operators, often blurring traditional boundaries. New markets are rapidly developing to meet these initiatives offering considerable opportunities for economic growth and employment. Associated liberalisation and regulatory reform requires transparent competitive processes, which will present additional challenges to both private and public sectors.

Within this vast array of change there is however a need to preserve essential public and governmental services and in the less developed countries of the World there remains a requirement to develop the basic infrastructure in a well planned and strategic manner.


    1. The move towards the introduction of digital sound and television terrestrial and satellite broadcasting in a manner appropriate for the region in question.
    2. The further global development of IMT and LTE, mobile and personal communication services.
    3. The development of the use of radio frequencies on cable communications networks whilst minimising harmful interference to radiocommunications services.
    4. The development of inter-working between radiocommunications networks to provide a full range of voice, data and multimedia products offering customers affordable seamless efficient global telecommunications coverage.
    5. The development of appropriate regulatory and market mechanisms to introduce competitive services in the telecommunication and broadcasting sectors whilst fully exploiting new technology in non-commercial applications in order to efficiently and effectively utilise scarce spectrum resources.
    6. The promotion of co-operation between regulators, operators, service providers and manufacturing industry to enhance the wealth creation possibilities for the telecommunication sector as a whole.

    In order to respond to the challenges of key telecommunication markets and analyse the threats and opportunities present, it is necessary to understand the individual sectors and sector actors as well as the inter-play between the sectors on a regional and global basis. Connogue can provide your business with an invaluable insight into such issues!


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