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Spectrum Management Monitoring

Connogue’s consultants and associates include a former Deputy Director of the UK’s radio regulatory administration, a former Chief Engineer of the UK GSM operator One-to-One / T-Mobile, a retired senior spectrum management official from the UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom, a former Head of Division of the German radio regulatory administration, a former senior official in the Danish telecommunications regulator, the former Director of EU Enlargement Programmes in Alcatel, a former Director and Deputy Director of the European Radiocommunications Office and a former Director General of the GSM Association.

Our key strengths include:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the radiocommunications and telecommunications regulatory and commercial environment in Europe and other key markets around the world. Our people have been involved in the development of the sector for over 30 years;
  • An extensive network of contacts in operators and regulators.  Through our project work and participation in various forums we have developed solid contacts amongst senior industry figures;
  • Comprehensive technical, regulatory and commercial skills. Connogue has a core of associates who have worked with us on many projects;
  • Considerable experience of working in developing countries. Connogue has undertaken a substantial number of projects with governments, regulators and commercial companies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  This has given us a clear insight into the methods and processes which need to be adopted to achieve project success in environments different to those found in developed countries;
  • An ability to build and manage teams for major projects. We have the experience to undertake the most complex of project assignments. Our project teams are comprised of highly qualified professionals experienced in the study and analysis of telecommunications issues, who are recognised for their ability to produce practical and effective solutions.


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