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Connogue can help you and your company with English language editing, if you are not a native English speaker and do not have access to English mother tongue speakers in your company. Connogue can remove the considerable burden of editing or rewriting English texts from your busy schedule, as well as reducing the overall cost of document preparation. 

Why use Connogue to help with your English editing?

  • A consistent style adds to the appearance and comprehension of your work.
  • Tender submissions and Expressions of Interest (EOI) will stand a far better chance of success if the reader can easily understand the contents.
  • Information provided to English speaking visitors will be remembered for content rather than amusing language errors.
  • Well written articles and papers published in the professional press can enhance the reputation of the individual and company involved.
  • Late documents submitted in English to international bodies are more likely to be considered quickly than one submitted in another language.
  • Instruction manuals, guidance notes, documents and reports that are clearly written and understandable will significantly enhance an organisation’s public image.
  • Overall, editing budgets can be reduced using Connogue’s editing service, when compared with the cost of establishing an efficient in-house editing team.

For further details consult our specialist editing pages here.

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