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Spectrum Management Monitoring
EMC Flyovers

Connogue and its associate company TestTech Europe can provide assistance to telecommunication operators utilising radio frequencies on wire-line telecommunication networks who may be concerned about radio frequency leakage and other EMC issues. Network flyovers using aircraft is one technique employed to determine the quality of such networks.

Although the regulatory situation is clear in the United States and operators shall ensure that their networks comply with emission limits by testing on a regular basis, the situation in Europe is different. Current and future disturbance procedures will be mostly complaint driven; an operator may therefore query the need and cost benefit of regular testing and routine network maintenance.

Apart from a possible need to provide evidence of compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union’s EMC Directive as well as addressing the cumulative effects of leakage on some radio services, particularly aeronautical safety services; it is also necessary to address network quality issues which may tilt the balance in favour of routine testing by operators. In other words if an improvement in network quality and an overall reduction in maintenance overheads can be achieved as well as protecting the environment we have a WIN WIN situation.

This is how it works! Airborne flyovers locate leakage hotspots, which makes more efficient and cost effective use of EMC personnel on the ground by getting them to the key locations, quickly and efficiently. Some operators choose to conduct an iterative process; once a hotspot appears to have been cured by ground based actions and measurement, another flyover might be ordered to check network compliance.

Flyover results are essentially an index of network quality and in addition provide operators with an accurate measurement of the summation of multiple interference sources. Ingress and Egress come together in an effective EMC and quality programme. By reducing egress the network’s immunity or ingress characteristics are improved, thus reducing fault situations and repair team call outs. For further information concerning our comprehesive airborne leakage measurement capabilities please consult the TestTech Europe web pages.

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