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In principle Connogue can edit all manner of documentation ranging from papers for submission to international bodies, tender proposals, reports etc. We can also help on other matters where the key issues include an excellent knowledge of English and a high level of computer literacy. Large documents or small papers, check whether you requirement is mentioned below. If so contact Connogue for a quotation. If you donít find what your looking for on the site, contact Connogue anyway, we may be able to help.

  • Instruction manuals, specifications, user manuals and documents of a similar type.
  • Papers, proposals, reports, conference proceedings, theses and other similar documents.
  • Tender submissions and Expressions of Interest.
  • Input documents for submission to international bodies.
  • Output from international bodies - Directives, Decisions, Resolutions, Recommendations, Permanent Reference Documents and Reports.
  • Powerpoint presentations, letters and CVs.
  • Menus, invitations, advertisements, tourism brochures and guides.

Contact Connogue for a quotation at All requests for quotations are acknowledged automatically, so you will know that we have received your e-mail.


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