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How to find Connogue

Ireland is a natural choice for a company such as Connogue with a high standard of education and important links to the IT and telecommunications industries.

Connogue is located in South County Dublin and is easily reached by air, sea, rail and road. It is approximately 1 hour by road from Dublin's international airport, 20 minutes from the ferry port of Dun Laoghaire and is close by Shankill's 'Dart' railway station and the main N11 road between Dublin and Wicklow. For a larger scale map of the local area click here. Connogue is situated in River Lane 100 metres from the junction of Shanganagh Road and Commons Road.


    Connogue Limited, River Lane, Shankill, Co Dublin, Ireland
    Tel Ireland: +353 1 272 2066 Tel UK: +44 20 7043 5821  
    Fax: +353 1 272 2059