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Fee Structure - The currency used is the Euro ?
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New Clients

The edited document will be provided as an E-mail attachment, initially in a secure Adobe PDF file, together with our invoice. When you are satisfied with our work, payment should be made using the PayPal system, which permits the use of a credit card even if you do not possess a PayPal account. Please see our payments information.  On receipt of payment a Microsoft Word document will normally be sent. Different arrangements will be made for large files or for customers using the MAC operating system, see below.

Approved Clients

Payments by approved clients shall be made within 30 days, following receipt of the edited document and invoice. The invoice will detail charges incurred and our banking details. Payment may be made using the PayPal system, which additionally permits the use of a credit card without a PayPal account or by an international bank transfer.


Connogue respects the confidentiality needs of all clients. Intellectual property and details of work performed are never released to third parties. We encourage clients to password protect their documents; Connogue maintains this protection whilst it has custody of clients’ documents.

All on-line financial transactions will be conducted via PayPal’s secure servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Connogue ensures that its IT network is free from virus infections, trojans, worms and spyware by regularly updating its protection software.

Sending large Word documents to clients may create a large e-mail with large attachments, much bigger than necessary. Not only does this make the message slower to send and receive, the recipient's maximum message size may be exceeded, so that download problems may occur. Fortunately, many documents can be reduced to as little as 10% of their original size by compressing the files in a zip file. Connogue will ‘zip’ all large word, pdf, htm and html files.

Connogue works exclusively with PC formats. Clients using the MAC operating system should submit texts in htm or html files. Edited texts will be returned using the same file format. However new customers will initially receive a pdf file as described above. An appropriate PDF Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe web-site. 

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