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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in your service but would wish to view some of your edited texts before proceeding further. Can you oblige?

There are two ways to do this. Just go to the library page and you will find three documents prepared by Connogue which you can peruse. Alternatively, try our new client introductory offer, e-mail Connogue a document for editing, which exceeds 5 pages in length. Connogue’s editing staff will work on the document and will return the first two pages of text to you within 2 working days. If you are not happy with the quality of work you don’t have to pay.

I am content with your work and would like Connogue to proceed with the remainder of the document but I want to make some modifications to the first two pages. How is this handled?

Send your amendments and we will charge only for a page that has been changed at a reduced rate; we will not charge for a page that has not been modified. Do not forget, one page of the document will be edited free of charge. Your invoice will reflect this arrangement if you are a ‘first time client’.

Are long documents a problem for you?

In principle no, however during busy periods there may be a problem. That said, we are always honest with clients if we are unable to meet our stated delivery times whatever the reason. Indeed large documents may even qualify for a special discount. Please e-mail for more details

Is the English written by some nationalities more difficult to edit than others. If so, are you able to edit English written by persons living a long way from Ireland, for example Korea?

It is always a matter of experience. People from different countries, who are not totally fluent in English do tend to write English with some national peculiarities, just as English people would tend to write a foreign language with their own national language characteristics included. Connogue is used to working in international forums and is experienced in the different nuances of English that are written and spoken around the world. If by any chance an editor is not completely sure of the intent of the author, he will highlight the text concerned to facilitate checking by the client. Ultimately Connogue will provide you with a text that your own clients would believe had been written by a mother tongue English speaker.

We hear so much about credit card fraud especially in relation to the Internet. Would it be safe to send our credit card details to you?

When you access the page which requests credit card details you will be informed that you are accessing secure web pages. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used in the transfer of information, which is currently the preferred option for most Internet financial transactions, your information will therefore be totally secure. Connogue will also accept payment by international bank transfers and will be as flexible as possible in avoiding any delays in the delivery of edited work, if this is the preferred payment option.

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