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Spectrum Management Monitoring

Connogue Limited, based in Ireland, specialises in telecommunications regulation, spectrum management and radiocommunications matters. Connogue’Z consultants operate in a flexible and cost effective manner and are able to undertake tasks world-wide at short notice. This is achieved through efficient networking amongst a pool of expert independent spectrum management and telecommunications consultants. Many of these experts have held senior positions in national telecommunications administrations, industry or in regional regulatory telecommunications organisations such as CEPT’Z European Radiocommunications Office.

National Regulatory Authorities and Spectrum Management Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the strategic importance of the radio spectrum and its contribution to economic growth, jobs, national security and quality leisure activities. It is therefore not surprising that economic issues increasingly influence spectrum management decisions. Connogue has the expertise to balance the key factors crucial in developing an effective spectrum management policy which would address licensing and tariffs, operator competency, spectrum regulation, auctions and spectrum trading, frequency allocation and assignment, national and international co-ordination, monitoring, enforcement and control, spectrum engineering, type approval and standards, conformity assessment, spectrum migration (refarming) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues.

In short Connogue brings together the administrative, economic, legal, human resource, regulatory, training and engineering functions to arrive at an integrated spectrum management solution for governments and regulatory authorities.

In addition telecommunications and spectrum users will increasingly require means to determine the value of spectrum; Connogue is developing techniques to determine the quality of spectrum in order to advise bodies engaged in trading radio frequencies.

Connogue’Z consultants have undertaken spectrum management assignments in countries as varied as Bangladesh, Bahrain, Czech Republic, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Thailand, UAE and the United Kingdom. Connogue’Z spectrum management consultants have also undertaken work commissioned by organisations such as the World Bank, Asia Pacific Telecommunity, GSM Association, UMTS Forum and the European Commission. Typical Connogue spectrum management assignments can be found on our services page.

Supporting services such as the English language editing of telecommunications documentation and tailored training courses in EMC and spectrum management can also be undertaken.

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